Monday, August 31, 2020

Mondays at the ReStore

 Hi, everyone! I decided to do something a little different and post every day this week. I thought it might be fun for you guys to see how we do things during the week to get the store ready for shoppers on Thursday afternoon!

One of the funnest things about working in the ReStore is that every week is a little different. We never know what is going to come through the door or what the Donation Ambassadors may bring back from a pick up. While we may follow the same formula every week, the end result always comes out different. However, thanks to our fantastic volunteers, the results are always beautiful.

Mondays are typically a slower day in the store. The staff members will pull all the large items that sold over the weekend to one area of the store so when their new owners come to pick them up, it's all ready to go. A lot of people have made comments about how we must have furniture stored in the back somewhere to replace all the items that have sold, but we don't! All the furniture we have is on the floor Thursday at noon for everyone to see! We may move things around in the store to display, but nothing is taken out of the back. The Donation Ambassadors start on Monday going out in the community to pick up furniture, boxes of home goods, building supplies, and much more! So all the new things you see during the Sale Hours are all new merchandise!

We do, however, have some  boxes of home goods in the back. We are so blessed by your donations that we can't always get the smaller stuff on the floor the week it comes in, but that doesn't stop us from trying! Every day that we are here, we have at least one person pricing merchandise in our stock room. Monday we start opening more boxes and preparing the merchandise to be priced. If anything needs cleaning, we take it to the kitchen to run it through the dishwasher to be washed good as new. We also bring more boxes of the Christmas items we have stored to be processed, priced, and put on the shelves. 

On days we're not open to the public, we sometimes have up to five people working hard to ensure new merchandise is available every day!

Thank you all so much for believing in our mission to end poverty housing. Every time you donate or shop with us, it helps us save toward building the next house for a person in need! We appreciate each and every one of  you!

-Emily Godwin, ReStore Manager

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