Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Tuesday at the ReStore

 Tuesdays are the ReStore are much more fast-paced than Mondays. We try to schedule are largest pick-ups on Tuesdays to make sure we have the large items in the store and ready for the volunteers who help stage the store. This week, we had a donation so large that it took two trips to get it all! I find we are never in short supply of blessings at the Habitat ReStore.

Our Donation Ambassadors spend the majority of Tuesdays out of the store. We fit in as many donation pick-ups as possible on Day 2. Some times we have up to 6 or 7 scheduled in a day. So, if you see the Habitat truck out, make sure to say hi to Kalib, Emily, and Matthew. They are always out on the road picking up great new merchandise!

Inside the store, the volunteers and staff members are working hard to get the new items cleaned and priced. Today they put out 30 shopping carts full of merchandise! With all the hard work being done, it can get a little messy in the store as the new merchandise waits to be processed, but it doesn't bother us. Having a hard time figuring out where to put the items is never a bad problem to have - it's a blessing! 

In between pick-ups and processing, we organize the shelves, work on mark-downs, and test any product that needs to be tested. While organizing, we make sure that no sets of merchandise have been separated and that they aren't due for a price reduction. Price reductions vary on how long the item has been in the store and how many of the item we have it. Our staff and volunteers have been trained to spot when it is time to slash the price and give it a new one.

We also work on disassembling old displays and deciding what items to feature this week instead. It's always fun trying to decide which pieces will look good together and what item makes the look whole! 

Tuesdays are fast-paced, but they're not nearly as action-packed as Wednesdays! Make sure you check back in here tomorrow after we post the Weekly Walk-Through to see how we make the store transform!

-Emily Godwin, ReStore Manager.

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