Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wednesday at the ReStore

Wednesday is the busiest day of the week for us here at the ReStore! It's the day the store transforms from a work-in-progress to the beautifully displayed store that you all see Thursdays at 12! It takes a lot of hard work from a lot of people to make it all go as smoothly as it does every week. We are extremely blessed to have such talented volunteers!

Most of the staging in the store is done by two very special volunteers. Shirley and Jennifer come every Wednesday to work their magic in every area of the store. They have such an amazing eye for what works together and how to create and improve the look of every vignette! One of the biggest compliments we get here is how beautiful the store looks, and we make sure to pass that on to them!

On Wednesdays, we have a flawless team in the back working on pricing and putting the merchandise out on the floor. Ms. Barbara, Ms. Deborah, and Ms. Bronwyn are three of our main Wednesday volunteers who help the staff clean, price, and get the donations on the shelves. They all work fabulously as a team, and the ReStore is always a happier place with such wonderful volunteers.

The Assistant ReStore Managers - Chelcee and Matthew -  and our Donation Ambassadors - Kalib, Emily, and Diane - help to make sure that the store is organized and that everything is running smoothly. They take in donations, place furniture, clean the store, and overall help wherever help is needed. Occasionally, we work in a few donation pick-ups on Wednesdays, but we try to stay in store as much as possible because of how much has to happen so quickly! 

We've never had a dull day at the store, and I doubt we ever will! That's what makes working here so much fun!

-Emily Godwin, ReStore Manager.

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  1. Wednesday is such a fun day at the store and we are all such a great team! I love working with you all to support such a great cause. I 💙 Habitat!


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