Monday, October 5, 2020

Meet Donation Ambassador Emily!

 Hello, everyone! 

My name is Emily Ferguson. I began working with the Habitat ReStore as a Donation Ambassador in July, and I have enjoyed it so much! As you may have noticed, we have two Emilys who work here. Ms. Joy even started calling me Emily 2, and our wonderful store manager Emily 1 haha. Either way, we both look up and are ready to help any time someone says Emily. 

As a Donation Ambassador, I am grateful to able to meet so many of our donors along with our customers. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I accompany Kalib or Matthew on pick-ups for the donations that won't fit in standard vehicles. We are blessed to have our box truck, which helps us to retrieve the donations that people want to give us but cannot drop off themselves, such as couches, cabinets, and tables, just to name a few. By going out to the donors homes, I feel like we are able to further connect with the people who keep this store thriving. Each donation counts and helps so much toward the building of our Habitat homes, and I love being able to personally thank each donor for their contributions. 

For anyone interested,  we are available to pick up those larger donations every Monday -Wednesday 9am-3pm. Just give us a call to schedule your time, and we will be more than happy to come pick it up. We appreciate all the support our community gives, both through donations and through shopping. We look forward to serving you, and I look forward to meeting more of our Habitat family! 

God bless you!  

Emily F., ReStore Donation Ambassador

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