Monday, October 26, 2020

We’re looking for volunteers!

Our volunteers are so special to us and to this organization. Habitat for Humanity is volunteer driven and without our fantastic volunteers, our mission wouldn’t be possible. Because of our volunteers, we have been able to build 51 homes, and 10 critical home repairs! We are able to bless so many in our community because of generous hearts and helping hands!  

Something I hear a lot is - “I’d love to volunteer, but I don’t know how to build houses” and “I’m just afraid I wouldn’t be useful in the store.” Everyone is useful in the ReStore! There are so many different tasks that are all equally important to keep our store up and running. We need people to help take in donations when they come in, to clean and organize the merchandise, help put priced items on the floor, assist with writing tickets for shoppers and pointing them toward the items they’re looking for.

We love our volunteers like family and every day they’re here is a great day. If you want to join our Habitat family, please give us a call at (662) 329-2501!

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